Integrity Extracts™ Shilajit

Integrity Extracts™ Shilajit

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Price: $26.95

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Product Features:

  • Contains over 70 different highly bioavailable minerals
  • Over 50% fulvic acid
  • Unique water filtration process for ultimate purity

Shilajit is an ancient, rare, resinous substance found in the Himalayan Mountains in northern India, Nepal, and Tibet. Ayurvedic texts over 5,000 years old discuss uses for this special compound, and many herbalists consider shilajit to be the most important tonic substance in traditional Ayurveda. The word “Shilajit” in the ancient Sanskrit language means “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness." Praised for its rich and diverse bioactive compounds, shilajit is specifically high in fulvic acid.

Integrity Extracts™ Shilajit is gathered from a pristine, high elevation region in India and then filtered and concentrated via a unique, full-spectrum water extraction process into a nutrient-rich powder. The powder is then tested for identity, pesticides, microbials, heavy metals, solvent residues, and fulvic acid (verified 50%+content) to assure the highest level of purity and potency. Available in VeganCaps™.

Shilajit is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

All ingredients qualified using TruGanic™ Sourcing: third-party, independent, accredited lab testing for pesticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and irradiation.

Lab tested for botanical identity, heavy metals, and microbiological activity.

EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™. Product packaged in recyclable amber glass bottle which includes oxygen absorber and use of airtight metal lid.

Manufactured in U.S. vegan, certified organic, certified kosher facility.

Manufacturing facility free of gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts.

“Mother Nature has put miraculous healing plants on this earth for us to benefit from. I am honored and deeply driven to uncover the greatest potential benefits from these elements and to assemble these gifts from nature into products that help people to heal and to realize their full potential. I am deeply committed to developing the highest quality nutritional products – with a reverence for all life. I wish you great health and happiness always.”

Dr. Jameth Sheridan – Naturopath and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher

NOTE: We are transitioning to new packaging. You may receive our previous packaging until Jan. 31 2020. The package contents are the same across both products.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Shilajit Supreme VeganCaps Nutrition Facts.png


Shilajit °∞

Other ingredient:
VeganCaps™ ∞
(fermented tapioca)
– no flow agents


° Wildcrafted
∞ TruGanic™

Servings per Container:

120 VeganCaps™ | 60 servings














Suggested Use/Adjuncts

Suggested Use

Powder: Take 1/4 teaspoon per day, or as advised by a qualified health care professional. Consume with conscious, positive intent.

VeganCaps™: Take 2 VeganCaps™ per day, or as advised by a qualified health care professional. Consume with conscious, positive intent.


Suggested Adjuncts

A whole-food focused, organic, plant-based diet with emphasis on dark leafy greens and fresh, high-water-content vegetables and fruits; discover your local farmers market, enhance meals with herbs/spices (cilantro, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon) and high-quality sea salt/crystal salt sources; hard-core nutritional support products such as Vitamineral Green™  and Earth™  (unique and extremely nutrient-dense superfood complexes for comprehensive nutritional support and balance), Liver Rescue™ , Oxygen Extreme™, Antioxidant Extreme™, and MacaForce™; quieting the mind, meditation, deep breathing, healthy sun exposure, fresh air (have you considered houseplants?), staying hydrated, exercise (try rebounding/qigong/yoga), dance, time in Nature, a low-EMF environment (try turning off wi-fi during sleep), saunas/heat therapy, periodic cleansing of heavy metals/parasites, and restoring the microbiome (research making your own cultured foods!). Commit to realizing your full potential. Remember, substance is everything!