Revitalize SuperGreens™

Revitalize SuperGreens™
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Introducing Revitalize Super Greens™, a new addition to our green superfood product line. This unique formula offers an alternative to Vitamineral Green™, with less emphasis on cleansing and more focus on alkalinity and vitality. Showcasing U.S.-grown, organic, gluten-free grasses (both fine milled whole leaf and dehydrated juice form), Revitalize Super Greens has a light, refreshing flavor with a hint of peppermint. The inclusion of sea vegetables, kelp, and dulse provide iodine and other important trace minerals for thyroid and metabolic support. Carob and lucuma pods provide polyphenol antioxidants that help protect the body from free radical damage and help slow the aging process.*

Revitalize Super Greens also includes Peruvian-grown, organic, whole maca root. Also known as “Peruvian ginseng,” maca has been used by traditional cultures living in Peru for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac and was cultivated for its nutritional value. Freshwater algae, spirulina with its high levels of phycocyanin to support a healthy inflammatory response and potent antioxidant properties, and broken cell wall, chlorophyll-rich chlorella take this super grass complex to the next level. Additionally, beneficial super fruits acerola cherry and amla berry provide food-sourced vitamin C, another important antioxidant that helps to support a healthy immune system.* All ingredients have been carefully sourced and lab verified to ensure the highest levels of purity. Packaged in amber glass to retain maximum nutrient integrity.

Revitalize Super Greens is actual food, free of synthetic/isolated nutrients. No binders, fillers, or added sweeteners. 100% plant- based whole food nutrition.

“Mother Nature has put miraculous healing plants on this earth for us to benefit from. I am honored and deeply driven to uncover the greatest potential benefits from these elements and to assemble these gifts from Nature into products that help people to heal and to realize their full potential. I am deeply committed to developing the highest quality nutritional products – with a reverence for all life. I wish you great health and happiness always.” Dr. Jameth Sheridan – Naturopath and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Revitalize Super Greens Nutrition Facts


Alkalizing Greens

Barley Grass Leafװ
Wheat Grass Leafװ
Parsley Leafװ
Alfalfa Leafװ
Barley Grass Juiceװ
Oat Grass Juiceװ
Dandelion Leaf

Carob Pod∞
Lucuma Fruitװ
Acerola Cherry Fruit∞
Amla Berry Fruitװ

Vitality Support
Maca Rootװ
Dulse Leaf◊º∞

Digestive Support
Peppermint Leafװ
Ginger Rootװ



Servings per Container:
Trial – 20 g powder | 2.6 servings
8 oz powder | 30 servings

Suggested Use/Adjuncts

Suggested Use
Start with 1 teaspoon per day and gradually work up to 1 tablespoon per day, mixed with purified water, juice, coconut water, or smoothie. Consume with conscious, positive intent.

Suggested Adjuncts: A whole food, organic, vegan diet with emphasis on dark leafy greens and fresh, high-water-content vegetables and fruits. Enhance meals with herbs/spices (cilantro, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon), high-quality sea salt/crystal salt sources, seaweeds, high quality miso and hard-core nutritional support products such as Vitamineral Earth, a unique and extremely nutrient-dense superfood complex for comprehensive nutritional support and balance. Focus on overall health and wellbeing by incorporating HealthForce SuperFoods Liver Rescue, MacaForce Lucuma Spice, MycoForce Immunity, and Antioxidant Extreme. Experiment with meditation and deep breathing.Take a yoga class. Attend your local ecstatic dance. Make the effort to get healthy sun exposure and fresh air. Wear a hat. Invest in houseplants for improved indoor air. Stay hydrated (spring water is naturally structured). Try aerobic exercise (rebounding, yoga, dance, martial arts – whatever you most enjoy). Spend time in Nature. Reduce EMF exposure (minimize cell phone and WiFi use). Turn off your WiFi at night to support deeper rest. Enjoy saunas/heat therapy, periodic cleansing, restoring the microbiome (try making your own cultured foods). Discover your local farmers market. Focus on local, seasonal foods. Try juicing. Cultivate gratitude and live in alignment with your highest values. Remember, substance is everything. Commit to realizing your full potential!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.