I don’t remember where I first found it but as long as I can remember being into raw/health foods, there was Vitamineral Green on the table. Its been well over a decade and i’ts always something that I’ve come back to even if I forget it for a while or just get busy, I love that stuff. I do remember the first time I heard Jameth Sheridan speak and it was a really gnarly colon health chat right smack in the middle of lunch at a raw food faire. I just remember eating my nori wrap and hearing this guy talk about very interesting but not so appetizing subjects!! Either way I was into it and have always keep Healthforce products around since then. Aside from the Greens, I really became a big fan of Earth from the very first time I ever tried it. Now they’ve released several versions and I’m always impressed that it still gets better, because I was sold on it from the beginning anyway. I love it in a little warm water, almost like a soup broth, it really feels good going in and taste great. I even prefer it to the Greens, although they are distinct experiences in their own right and have their time and place. But our favorite lately is the ZeoForce Clay. That I really can’t get enough of, and that one sold my wife too, who can be a bit more skeptical of those crazy raw foodists and their green powders!!

I love a thick glass of Zeolite sometimes with a squeeze of lemon to start (or finish) the day. We’ve found it really helps anytime you feel a little funny in the tummy or maybe ate something weird, a glass of that will really sort you out! And you can’t really overdo it (so far!) where as some of the other more mineral rich products you have to be a bit more careful with especially if you are new to it, or in a more delicate cleansing process. We’ve used Zeolite clay in our retreats as well to start folks off on their day. Most of the work we do is more emotional or spiritual but again it all ties in together and taking care of a vital body will inevitably help nurture a clean spirit. We even love the ZeoForce in our enemas for an extra cleansing kick, and of course topically or in the bath too.

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