Sara Tone

Remembering the first time I was offered VitaMineral Green 8 years ago in Portland, I’m filled with memories of Health and Evolution. Personally, In Community and Deeply in my Food Awareness and Choices. As my personal revolution has become intentionally intertwined with my food choices and my work in the world, Vitamineral Green™ has been there to support and continue to evolve with me. I love how Jameth continues to upgrade the formula to become even more synergystic, nutritional, absorptive as well as High Vibe and Revolutionary in regards to Quality & Integrity in all stages of growth & supply! This is the highest product on the market with a UPC on it. As well as VMG, I partake in daily doses of EARTH™, Elixir of the Lake™, Friendly Force™, Oxygen and more. So thankful for HealthForce keepin us Strong and Healthy!

True Aloha

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