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Team Managers:

General Manager

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is all about uplifting the vibration of humanity and the embodiment of right livelihood focused on service. While working to heal some gut issues in my early twenties, I discovered HealthForce SuperFoods® products and found they helped me immensely in my healing journey. I knew something was special about these products and the force behind them. This awakened a passion to share these products with the world and forged what would become a decade-long relationship with Dr. Jameth Sheridan (HealthForce co-founder and original formulator). I worked closely with Jameth over the years. He was my mentor and we became close personal friends and allies in the process. Read More

General Manager, Excelsior Alchemy

Excelsior Alchemy is the manufacturing and sister company for HealthForce SuperFoods® products based in Tempe, Arizona. Our foundation is Integrity, Passion, Excellence. Our company is driven by quality first, and our mission is to manufacture the highest quality superfood products using the world’s greatest botanicals and botanical extracts.

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is my honor to serve the mission and vision of Dr. Jameth Sheridan. Read More

Accounting Coordinator  

All of my life my goal was to be part of a company that made a positive difference in the world, and as their first employee over 18 years ago, my dream became a reality thanks to HealthForce SuperFoods®.

It is a privilege to work for such an ethical company, whose goal is to bring the most nutrient-dense products available to the people who need them the most. It was a pleasure to be the voice on the phone when anyone called HealthForce because our customers are always so grateful for how the products help them Read More

Research Manager

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, started when I felt an immediate connection to Dr. Sheridan and his mission from the photo on the back of the Warrior Food™ label. The reason why I wanted to work for HealthForce SuperFoods® in the first place was I knew what the products were capable of and what they could potentially do for others. I told everyone I knew about the products. That passion continues to this day and now I tell anyone who is open to it. I just want people to feel good. Read More

Marketing Manager

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is so much more than a job. For years now, this experience of work has felt more like an extension of family, of community. I am so blessed to work closely with such epic, inspiring humans. I feel deeply honored to assist in continuing to carry out Jameth and Kim’s original mission to provide hard-core, pure, high quality superfoods at affordable prices. I feel a deep soul resonance with not only promoting and selling these amazing products but with the aspect of HealthForce that strives to inspire personal empowerment through physical and emotional healing. Sometimes it feels unreal, providing for my family by helping others gain access to education and amazing products. Read More

Purchasing / R&D Manager

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is my way of paying a gift forward to this company. HealthForce products saved my Mother’s life. Being a Nutritionist for 10 years taught me one thing, the quality and purity of foods you put in your body is the difference between experiencing sustainable joy and searching for the next quick fix to feel good. My dominant intention daily, is that I source the cleanest, purest, most bioavailable, highest vibration, sustainably sourced ingredients on the planet for our products. Read More

Territory Representatives:

Pacific Northwest Sales Representative

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is an authentic experience and is part of my life’s purpose. I want to sell healthy vegan products around the world and help people feel their absolute best.

I love that HealthForce SuperFoods® is an independently run, plant based superfood brand.

Read More

Arizona, New Mexico Representative

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is EVERYTHING! To represent one of the purest lines on the planet is truly a blessing. To work for a company that fully aligns with who I am brings great joy to my work days!

My passions include amazing vegetarian recipes and super clean supplements. I love to snowboard as often as possible. Also, I do a reggae radio show, and I would say that conscious reggae is my favorite genre! Read More

Northern California Sales Representative

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods® in the Northern California Territory is a huge honor for me. Focusing on my nutrition in a holistic sense has enabled me to have the drive, positivity, and determination to overcome depression, to find a deeper connection to myself and to my purpose in life. HealthForce SuperFoods® products have been one of the core components of my personal nutritional program. They have helped fuel the fires of transformation in my body, mind, and spirit. It is a real wish for me to share these amazing, high vibrational, nutritional products with as many people as possible. Read More

Southern California Sales Representative

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is rooted in my healing journey. Eighteen years ago, I was suffering from an athletic injury — an impact hernia. The hernia was so bad it was pressing into my colon causing diverticulitis, candida overgrowth, leaky gut, and IBS. What happened was I was a varsity cross country runner and full-time ice hockey player. Over 10 years with both sports and improper stretching and nutrition resulted in my right hip joint becoming so inflamed it started impacting my colon. After many Western doctors tried to figure out what was wrong, I went to traditional Chinese medicine, and they discovered my hip inflammation. I got into acupuncture and “alternative” medicine and that’s when I found the living foods diet. Read More

Florida Sales Representative

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is a great honor to be part of such a powerful, positive force.

Working with HealthForce SuperFoods® allows me the opportunity to be with my family. We enjoy spending lots of time outside hiking, canoeing, gardening, and climbing trees. Read More

Colorado Sales Representative

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is not just something that I do while I am working, but it is something that I do all of the time. I try and lead by example when it comes to health and taking care of our bodies. I do not just talk about it; I live it every day. It is my belief that our bodies are our temples and our connection to our energetic world around us. It is my goal to help as many people as I can reach their full potential and heal their bodies and energetic fields so that they can live happier, healthier lives.

The substance of my life would be – LOVE – It is the key element of life; with it, all things are possible. Read More

Customer Service:

Customer Service

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is an awesome gig! I am grateful I can share my enthusiasm for our high-quality products and taking care of one’s self!

The substance of my life is in living each day and realizing the gift God gives us in each breath.

If I were stranded on a deserted island for a year and could take only three HealthForce SuperFoods® products with me, I would take Vitamineral Green™, Truly Natural™ Vitamin C and Liver Rescue™. Read More

Customer Service

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, is waking up every day excited to go to work. Healthforce SuperFoods® has totally transformed my perspective on life, and I want to share that with everyone. Preparing food with my wife and providing nutrition for our family is my greatest joy.

In addition to working at Healthforce SuperFoods®, I’m a classical musician and a professional photographer. Music is my main passion. Read More

Customer Service

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, means reshaping the world into a healthier place.

My hobbies, passions, loves include family, friends, music, and Crossfit.

If I were stranded on a deserted island for a year and could take only three HealthForce SuperFoods® products with me, I would take Warrior Food Vanilla™, Vitamineral Green™, and Chlorella Manna™. Read More

Customer Service

Representing HealthForce SuperFoods®, for me, gives me the opportunity to focus on self growth, thus allowing the world around me to remain a varying constant, and for me to have my own world be unaffected. Positive vibes come from within and outside, so I love being able to put natural things inside, providing clean, unfiltered energy for everybody surrounding me.

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