All HealthForce SuperFoods® products are manufactured by our sister company, Excelsior Alchemy, located in Tempe, AZ. The passion for purity and quality that has fueled the HealthForce mission for decades can also be found here, as these founding principles are a testament to the production facility’s standards.


  1. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
  2. Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
  3. Vegan – no animal ingredients or testing
  4. FDA registered, cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) compliant per FDA CFR 21 part 111 regulations
  5. cGMP third-party registered and audited by NSF International
  6. Facility is free of GMOs, pesticides, animal- sourced ingredients, irradiation, fillers, flow agents, and excipients. 
  7. Nontoxic, organic compliant, and biodegradable cleaning products 
  8. Recycled paper office and restroom products, comprehensive multi- use recycling program
  9. Composting system in place for obsolete and unusable ingredients/ products
  10. Organic-compliant, animal-friendly pest control program
  11. All labels and marketing materials are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and all packaging materials are fully reusable and/or recyclable.
  12. Production area is a radio frequency-free zone (no microwaves, Wi-Fi, or cell phones permitted) and has electromagnetic radiation (EMF) mitigating technologies