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It’s Smoothie Time!

Happy June, everyone! The sun is shining and the weather is sweet. Our days are getting longer and our nights a little warmer. One of our favorite things about summer sunshine-filled days is how inspired we are to drink more green smoothies. So, we are busting out our blenders and preparing for smoothie weather! In our spring excitement, it occurred to us that we offer so many awesome green superfoods that it may be overwhelming to decide which product is best for you. Why do we offer so many different green superfood formulas, and how do you know which green food is the best green food for you? Why would you take Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer if you already take Vitamineral Green™? What’s the difference between Spirulina Manna™ and Chlorella Manna™? Why would you choose to add Elixir of the Lake™ to a smoothie if you already take Green Protein Alchemy™? We hope to shed some light on the subject here in this newsletter.

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Vitamineral Green™: Nature’s Multivitamin

What is it?
Vitamineral Green™, our most popular green superfood complex and the foundation of the HealthForce SuperFoods™ product line, was formulated to offer an alternative to synthetic multivitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamineral Green™ contains 25 of the most micronutrient-rich superfoods on the planet, all carefully processed and dried at low temperatures to retain maximum nutrient integrity. The formula includes alkalizing grasses, seaweeds/sea veggies, algae, and a variety of unique, nutrient-dense green superfoods.

What makes it unique?
The superfoods in Vitamineral Green™ contain an abundance of micronutrients and are also richly endowed with essential amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically-bound, organic nutrients. Vitamineral Green™ can be taken at the recommended dose for daily nutritional support in place of isolated/synthetic multivitamin, but can also be used in a smoothie as a meal replacement when combined with Warrior Food™; it can be used as a travel aid by providing nutrients when fresh fruits and veggies are not readily available and can be used as a integral part of our HealthForce SuperFoods™ cleanse protocol.

Is it for me?

  • Greatest overall nutrient density of all HealthForce SuperFoods™ green formulas
  • Broad spectrum nutrition; widest array of micronutrients
  • Five different kinds of sea vegetables provide abundant iodine (whole food source)
  • Potent levels of antioxidants
  • Contains tens of thousands of phytonutrients
  • Rich in bioavailable, alkalizing superfoods
  • Loaded with greens that are exceptionally rich in chlorophyll
  • Contains a good amount of fiber
  • Contains nettles
  • Contains amla berry and moringa for bioavailable vitamin C
  • Contains holy basil, a powerful adaptogen

How do I take it?
Vitamineral Green™ can be taken by simply mixing it in cold, filtered, or spring water. It is a wonderful addition to any smoothie or fresh fruit/veggie juice. The flavor is clean, fresh — a balance of grasses and algaes. Also available in VeganCaps™.

Vitamineral Green™ Beloved Smoothie

1 cup blueberries
2 cups ice
2 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp flax or chia seeds
1 tbsp coconut butter
1 tbsp Vitamineral Green™
1 tbsp Warrior Food™ Vanilla
1 large or 2 small dates (pitted)
Pinch of high-quality sea salt (optional)
Blend & Enjoy!

Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer: Alkalizing

What is it?
Greener Grasses™Alkalizer is a unique, light, and refreshing superfood complex that contains both whole leaf grasses with fiber and 100% pure, dehydrated grass juices. A collection of five of the most nutrient-rich and alkalizing green foods on the planet, containing whole barley grass, whole leaf wheat grass, alfalfa leaf, oat grass juice, barley grass juice, and dandelion leaf. Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer is U.S. grown, organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

What makes it unique?
All of our greens superfood products are highly alkalizing foods, but Greener Grasses™Alkalizer is the most alkalizing product we make. The reason for this is that all the other green superfood products in the above list are fairly high in protein. Vitamineral Green™ is 30% protein, the algae (Spirulina Manna™, Chlorella Manna™, and Elixir of the Lake™) are between 50-80% protein, and Green Protein Alchemy™ is 58%. Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer, on the other hand, is only 25% protein. All protein metabolizes into various acids, and this fact diminishes the total alkalizing power of the other green superfoods listed above. In addition, all five of the greens in Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer are known to be exceptionally rich in alkalizing minerals, and this makes Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer an alkalizing powerhouse.

Is it for me?

  • Most alkalizing of all HealthForce SuperFoods™ green formulas
  • Lighter “greens” flavor. Great intro to green superfoods.
  • Lower cost; high nutrient density
  • Rich in chlorophyll
  • Loaded with nutritionally complete, whole food complex vitamins
  • Potent levels of antioxidants

How do I take it?
Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer pairs well with lemon water, carrot juice, fresh green juice, hemp milk, almond milk, and even tastes great in cold filtered or spring water. The taste is mild and grassy, without the overly sickly sweet flavor found in fresh, young wheat grass juice. A great superfood complex for those with an aversion to algae.

Creamy Hemp Grasses Smoothie

16 oz hemp milk
2 dates (pitted)
1 frozen banana
1/8 tsp vanilla bean powder
1 tbsp Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer
1 tbsp MacaForce™ Lucuma Spice
Blend & Enjoy!

Spirulina Manna™: Nutrition

What is it?
Spirulina Manna™ (Arthrospira platensis) is a blue-green microalgae abundant in amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals. Spirulina, one of the world’s first superfoods, was a staple food source for the Aztecs who harvested spirulina from Lake Texcoco in central Mexico. It is still harvested today from Lake Chad in west-central Africa. Blue-green algae grows plentiful in lakes and inland bodies of water that are warm and alkaline. Spirulina Manna™ is grown here in the U.S. in the Sonoran Desert of southeastern California in a controlled environment to ensure purity.

What makes it unique?
Considered Nature’s protein powder, spirulina is 60–70% protein and contains all of the essential amino acids, making it the world’s highest known source of complete protein on a gram-per-gram basis. The protein in spirulina comes in its natural predigested form and this, along with spirulina’s morphology of not having a thick cell wall, makes this protein readily available.*

Is it for me?

  • Cost effective. The most nutrition for your dollar.
  • Good source of bioavailable iron
  • Green superfood that doubles as a vegan protein source. Spirulina is 60–70% protein and contains all of the essential amino acids.
  • Palatability — pairs well with fruit/veggie juice. Great smoothie addition. Try simply sprinkling over fresh cut fruit or salad.
  • Highest food source of important fatty acid GLA
  • Spirulina Manna™ contains high levels of phycocyanin, a pigment-protein complex that is found only in blue-green algae. Spirulina contains high levels of phycocyanin which support a healthy inflammatory response, offers potent antioxidant properties, and supports kidney health.

How do I take it?
Spirulina Manna™ pairs well with coconut water or fresh orange juice. Tastes especially great in a smoothie heavy on the blueberries. A wonderful addition to a green salad, sprinkled over greens with a little lemon juice, healthy raw oil, and a little sea salt. Also can be sprinkled over fresh cut fruit or popcorn. Also available in tablets.

Green Creamsicle Smoothie

8 oz fresh orange juice
8 oz hemp milk
1 tbsp Warrior Food™ Vanilla
1 tbsp Spirulina Manna™
1 cup ice
1 tbsp coconut oil
Blend & Enjoy!

Chlorella Manna™: Cleansing

What is it?
Chlorella Manna™, a single-celled, green freshwater algae, is an incredible source of full-spectrum, non-toxic, absorbable nutrients and compounds.

What makes it unique?
Chlorella is the highest known source of chlorophyll on the planet! Chlorella is 50–60% protein. It is a complete protein source, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. Chlorella is the only plant on the planet that can quadruple its growth in less than one day under ideal conditions. Chlorella Growth Factor (“CGF”) is produced during photosynthesis. CGF is a potent phytonutrient comprised of amino acids, beta-glucans, nucleic acids, peptides, and polysaccharides which supports health at a cellular level.

Is it for me?

  • Chlorella is the richest food source of chlorophyll
  • Chlorella is 50–60% protein. It is a complete protein source, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids
  • Chlorella Manna™ supports detoxification
  • Supports oxygen utilization efficiency in cells
  • CGF supports cellular repair, immune function, and feeds friendly gut bacteria for GI health*

How do I take it?
Chlorella Manna™ is the perfect addition to your favorite smoothie recipe; frozen bananas and peaches are a team favorite. A great combination with raw cacao- enhanced smoothie bowls and we love adding the tablets to trail mixes, eating them with dried olives or sprinkled over green salads. Available in powder and tablets.

Summertime Chlorella Cooler

1 peach (pitted)
1 cup strawberries
16 oz filtered or spring water
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp Chlorella Manna™ Powder
4 leaves fresh mint
1 cup ice
Blend & Enjoy!

Grab and Go HealthForce trail mix:

1/4 cup goji berries
1/4 cup dried white mulberries
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
1/8 cup cacao nibs
1/8 cup Chlorella Manna™ Tabs

Elixir of the Lake™: Energy

What is it?
Elixir of the Lake™ is pure, quality-tested Klamath Lake algae. This single-celled, freshwater, blue-green algae grows wild in the exceptionally mineral-rich ecosystem of Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon, located 4,100 feet above sea level. Elixir of the Lake™ (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) is the most unique of all the edible algae. It is said to grow wild only in Klamath Lake, unlike spirulina and chlorella which can be cultivated.

What makes it unique?
Among the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, Klamath Lake algae is a phenomenal source of bioavailable, non-toxic protein and is loaded with micronutrients, B vitamins, and phytonutrients. Klamath Lake algae contains a number of unique compounds known to support brain health.

Is it for me?

  • A potent mood and brain restorative tonic
  • 60–70% highly bioavailable complete protein source
  • Rich in phycocyanin, a blue pigment that supports both kidney and liver health*
  • Contains PEA (phenylethylamine), also known as the “Love Molecule,” which supports endorphin production and mood*
  • Contains abundant neurotransmitter precursors to support brain health*

How do I take it?
Elixir of the Lake™ tastes amazing in cold coconut water, cold lemon water, or mint ice tea. A great addition to any green smoothie. We love adding Elixir of the Lake™ to our homemade chocolate recipes.


16 oz filtered or spring water
1 Meyer lemon, juiced
1/8 tsp whole leaf, green stevia or monk fruit powder (more or less to taste)
1 heaping tsp Elixir of the Lake™
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
1 cup ice
Blend & Enjoy!

Green Protein Alchemy™: Protein

What is it?
Green Protein Alchemy™ is a 100% whole food, 100% superfoods, 100% plant based protein powder.

What makes it unique?
Green Protein Alchemy™ is the first ever algae-based protein on the market. While there exist on the market algae products that combine algae, spirulina, and chlorella, none have combined them in a biocompatible formula with synergistic herbs and grasses (with the addition of alkaline-rich grasses, blood sugar balancing nopal cactus, and a vegan enzyme concentrate blend) at a high enough serving size to get plenty of protein into the body. Green Protein Alchemy™ contains 14 grams of protein per serving. This formula provides a full-spectrum array of cleansing and non-toxic vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients.

Is it for me?

  • Hypoallergenic, unlike other proteins on the market which can contain common allergens or can be hard to digest thus causing bloating
  • More palatable and more digestible than spirulina or chlorella on their own
  • Massive amounts of chlorophyll
  • Contains extremely potent antioxidants and alkalizing minerals
  • Contains essential vitamins and enzymes
  • Contains thousands of phytonutrients
  • Provides phenomenal detoxification support
  • Nopal cactus helps maintain blood sugar stability

How do I take it?
Green Protein Alchemy™ can be consumed in cold filtered or spring water. Tastes great in coconut water and makes a great addition to any smoothie!

Power~Up Smoothie:

1 handful fresh spinach
1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
16 oz coconut water
2 heaping tbsp Green Protein Alchemy™
1 tsp Truly Natural™ Vitamin C
1.5 tsp MacaForce™ Lucuma Spice
1/8 inch fresh ginger or turmeric (peeled)
1 tbsp coconut oil (optional)
Pinch of high-quality sea salt (optional)
Blend & Enjoy!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.