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HealthForce was started grassroots style by Jameth and Kim Sheridan, both deeply dedicated to full spectrum hard-core health and healing, the environment, compassion and ethics.

How It All Began

HealthForce originally began when two young people had a vision. One of them (Jameth) lived on the East Coast, and one of them (Kim)  on the West Coast. Each had a personal passion for health and well-being, and a desire to share their knowledge of health and nutrition with the masses in order to help make the world a better place with less suffering – less diseases, less cruelty, and less environmental devastation. They were both young and broke, but they never let go of that vision. Then they met each other at a health conference, which they both had to borrow money to attend, but they both felt a strong calling to go because they each somehow “knew” the other would be there. As soon as they met, they realized they had both been on a similar path, and they both shared the same vision. That was when HealthForce was born.

For the first ten years, Jameth and Kim struggled to make ends meet and to build a company from nothing. Instead of following the easier, faster path of taking on investors, they chose not to sell out or otherwise compromise their ideals. A true “ma and pa,” they chose to do it the old fashioned way – through long hours, sweat and some tears, year after year. They put everything into the business because it was a vision they believed in. This meant working 16 or more hours per day (with many all-nighters), 7 days a week, without taking off weekends or holidays, for many, many years. Putting their all into the business, they literally got their own food, clothing, and furniture out of dumpsters because they had no money for themselves; only credit card debt. And they even lived in their car for a time. But they carried on, researching, developing formulas, marketing, educating, creating a brand, making phone calls, creating catalogs, sending out mailings, and delivering carloads of products to health food stores until the stores eventually agreed to look at them and finally carry them.

Over the years, HealthForce grew, and the vision never died. Eventually, the work HealthForce required was beyond what two people could accomplish alone, so they took on their first employee – Kim’s mom, who worked only for room and board because there was not yet any actual money to pay out. They all lived in a tiny guest house on someone else’s property, where Jameth did the landscaping, and Kim cleaned the toilets, in order to have a roof over their heads. Other family members eventually pitched in as well. Slowly, over time, the company began to make just enough profit to actually pay for outside help, while Kim and Jameth continued to work for free while building the company. Over the years, the company moved from rented room to apartment to guest house to garage to a warehouse of its own. Now, many years later, HealthForce has grown and evolved, and the jobs of two – and then of three – have expanded to become the jobs of many hardworking, dedicated people. Jameth and Kim are grateful to see their vision manifested in the world all these years later.

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