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September 2016

Heartbreaking news… We received official confirmation that Dr. Jameth Sheridan, HealthForce co-founder and formulator, crossed over into the realm of Spirit earlier this year. After 25+ years of hard work, tremendous personal sacrifice, and dedication to making the world a healthier and more compassionate place, the world has lost a hero, and Heaven has gained another angel. His wife Kim, who was also his best friend and soul mate, has been steeped in unfathomable grief and wasn’t in an emotional state to post an official announcement to anyone, not even us or her own friends and family, so we didn’t get the news or the full story until now. The Sheridans had actually begun unplugging from their stressful public lives to live off the grid, write books, and pursue their other dreams, including developing plant-based Permaculture and farming methods for more sustainable living. So Jameth had stepped down from his position as HealthForce CEO and was finally pursuing his dream of living off the land and developing farming methods to help save the world. His goal was to then put the power into the people’s hands to grow and create their own plant-based food supplements in their own yards rather than having to rely on products in bottles, which he always said was second-best but usually the best people could do in the modern world. Sadly, he never got to see his dream come to full fruition, and our hearts are breaking for what his widowed soul mate must be going through.

Jameth ultimately passed due to an unexpected complication from septic shock, but this was after a long and complicated journey, which he was writing about in a forthcoming book that his widow will eventually complete. Jameth was actually battling health complications from an early age, and his interest in health, which began in his teenage years, not only helped him to deal with his own health issues but also enabled him to share that knowledge to help others, which was always his passion. In fact, he usually spent more time helping others than taking care of himself. Anyone who knew him personally knew that this is just the kind of person he was. He was always the one to stop and help people at the side of the road when everyone else just whizzed by, regardless of how exhausted or hungry or late he was to his next destination. These are traits of a rare and true hero; a truly compassionate soul. These traits began in early childhood, as he was also the boy who stood up for other children on the playground even if it meant he ended up being the one who got attacked instead. By the end of his teenage years, he instinctively knew he needed to do more for his health than the average person, and intensive study in Iridology confirmed that he was born with tremendous genetic weaknesses. In fact, Iridology professionals often used him as an example of a person with the worst genetic constitution they had ever seen. He was told on more than one occasion that he “had his work cut out for him” right there in his own body.


Jameth always kept a positive attitude and felt that perhaps all of his genetic weaknesses were somehow Divinely ordained, putting him in the unique position of having to go the extra mile to really understand how to keep the body healthy – even if that body starts out with tremendous disadvantage. By his early twenties, he already had early stage kidney cancer of a very aggressive form. He didn’t yet realize exactly what he was dealing with or just how aggressive it really was. Thanks to adopting a pure organic raw food vegan diet, coupled with superfood formulas that he created to help bolster his health, he managed to regain his health and survive far longer than people typically survive this form of cancer. Proponents of the usual chemo and radiation agree that those therapies don’t typically work for this form of cancer, and their best bet is to surgically remove the kidney and hope for the best. Rather than just looking at alleged statistics, Jameth kept track of countless real-world cases of kidney cancer over the years. 100% of the cases he studied, who had the kidney removed even in stage 1, still ended up with metastatic cancer that eventually killed them. He was determined to find another way. So he chose not to undergo surgery but rather to seek alternative therapies. He again always kept a positive attitude, feeling that the fact that he had an extra difficult form of cancer was also Divinely ordained, making his mission to find a cure more important, as he would be able to help even the toughest and most aggressive cases of cancer. He was making great strides in cancer research and unfortunately was often under attack behind the scenes for his research and intention to eventually go public with the alternative cures he uncovered. He was literally a walking laboratory with the goal of using what he learned to help countless others, regardless of the risk it posed to his own safety.

Jameth did remarkably well for decades, despite the odds being against him, compounded by the constant stress of being under relentless attack from both sides of the fence (both the mainstream and the alternative), as true pioneers often are. The only hope for his particular type of cancer (with a lot of very similar traits to aggressive melanoma) was intense immune therapy. As anyone knows, constant stress is the antithesis of immune therapy, so it was his nutrition alone that got him through for so long under the circumstances. Unfortunately, he ended up running two companies and having separate cell phones for each of the two companies, which he kept clipped to the top of his belt for over 10 years, both flanking his right kidney, not realizing until too late that he had added tremendous fuel to the fire, and the beast that he had conquered for so long was back. Yet again, he kept a remarkably positive attitude, feeling that this too was somehow Divinely ordained, as it led him to do tremendous research into the connection between cell phones (and wi fi in general) and cancer. This became yet another mission of his, and he made great strides in researching ways to reduce cell phone radiation and wi fi as much as possible while still living in the modern world. He met with countless other people at alternative cancer clinics who had cancers exactly where they kept their cell phones on their bodies (breast cancer in women with tumors exactly where they kept their cell phones in their bras, brain cancer in those who held up their cell phones to their heads for hours per day, and others types of cancer directly correlating to where people clipped their cell phones on their belts or other parts of their bodies). He soon suspected that there was a tremendous cover-up behind the true dangers of cell phones, and he was working on going public with this information in a much larger way, again often personally attacked behind the scenes for wanting to stand up for what was right.

Ultimately, and with the insistence of his worried wife, Jameth realized he was spending too much time trying to help others and not nearly enough time taking care of himself. So he tried numerous times to step away from the stressful position of being CEO of a growing company constantly under fire, but the company kept being unfairly attacked, so he continually felt it was his duty to step back in and defend the company rather than taking care of himself. When the Prop 65 situation led to a brutal attack on the natural products industry at large (some speculate that this can be traced back to conflicting special interests, but we won’t venture into that territory), it became an intense passion of his to research the natural occurrence of heavy metals in natural foods, the balance of nature, and how this differs from the occurrence of heavy metals in inorganic substances. He insisted on spending tremendous amounts of money on this research, meticulously testing every product and every ingredient both through a cutting-edge in-house research lab (for which he spared no expense) and also independent third party research labs. Whenever a batch didn’t meet his approval (even if it was “good enough” according to industry standards), he insisted on dumping the product and starting over. This level of dedication nearly drove HealthForce to the point of bankruptcy, but his mission was never about profit; it was about the truth and about helping people and making the world a better place. When the Prop 65 legislation first took effect in California and began demanding that companies in the natural products industry put warning labels on health products regardless of those products’ proven track record of helping people, he felt the most honorable thing to do was to fight this legislation for the sake of preserving the natural products industry and not allowing what he felt was an evil agenda trying to take down the natural/alternative industry as a whole. (NOTE: In keeping Prop 65 compliant, we hereby make the disclaimer that these statements are not official HealthForce statements regarding Prop 65 or its agenda; this is simply the accurate telling of one man’s motives behind standing up for a cause he believed in.) He soon learned the hard way that this was no less than stepping into a lion’s pit without any armor, and HealthForce was in over its head, so he backed down, spearheaded a product recall, and approved having the Prop 65 labels applied as required to products shipped to California. However, because of his initial attempts to fight the attack, he succumbed to huge legal fees that HealthForce is still struggling to pay. So, once again he was being attacked and harmed for standing up for a cause he felt it was important enough to stand up for, a common theme throughout his life, and throughout human history.

Along the way, Jameth discovered all of the emotional components that have significant involvement in human health issues. Beyond the obvious correlation between stress and the immune system, and how it relates to the disease process, he began uncovering the lesser known but very strong correlation between early childhood emotional wounds and adulthood cancers, and this became yet another passion of his, with the intention of helping others. He also began to realize the importance of living one’s dreams in order to fully self-actualize and overcome disease, so he began exploring all of his goals and dreams and deciding what he wanted to do with the second half of his life. Ultimately, he began putting together all the pieces he had learned through decades of research into diet/nutrition/lifestyle, cell phones and wi fi, stress, emotional wounds, and living one’s full purpose. Throughout this process, and throughout his life, he helped many others along the way. He used his knowledge to help both people and animals to overcome a whole host of conditions, and (along with his wife) gained a reputation among veterinarians for having rescued animals who live far longer than they are “supposed” to live, by feeding them a uniquely healthy organic vegan diet along with the superfood formulas he created. The health and longevity of his own pets, in addition to the health and youthfulness of his wife and extended family, are a testament to the value of the products he formulated.

As the final leg of his journey, Jameth decided it was time to realize his own unfulfilled dreams. So he stepped down from HealthForce, put a trusted long time friend in place behind the scenes to make sure the company continued running according to his standards of highest integrity, and put plans in place to unplug and go off-grid with his wife and beloved soul mate to finally live their unfulfilled dreams together after spending the majority of their relationship helping others at their own sacrifice. In doing so, he began making significant progress in his healing and was so close to beating the cancer completely and permanently, with plans to then share this cancer cure with the world, when he suddenly, unexpectedly, and tragically incurred a wound that caused an undetected blood infection and as a result, he went into septic shock and his wife rushed him to the emergency room in the middle of the night. It was actually complications from the treatment of the septic shock in the ICU that caused heart failure, which ultimately killed him, leading his beloved wife Kim down a spiral of emotional hell that can only be truly understood by someone who has lost a soul mate with whom they have been inseparable for the majority of their life. Half of Kim had died, and after fighting for the life of her beloved husband/best friend in the ICU among medical personnel who “decided” he was a goner as soon as they found out he had been battling an aggressive form of cancer (not knowing the whole story or how much progress he had made and that he had nearly beat it – or perhaps not wanting to open their minds to the fact that alternative therapies really do work and he would be spearheading this truth), she lost the love of her life and fell into a state of deep emotional pain that is beyond words and beyond comfort. That is why she chose to go within and couldn’t face the devastation of even discussing it with her own friends and family, let alone those of us still running HealthForce after they had moved on. No one can say what someone else’s grief should look like, or how they will handle it themselves until the unthinkable happens.

Ironically, Jameth’s wife is an afterlife researcher who had devoted a considerable amount of her own life (with Jameth’s ongoing support and assistance behind the scenes) doing work to help those grieving the loss of their beloved pets. Like her husband, she had always walked a path of true integrity from childhood on, often helping others at her own expense, and standing up for others (including animals) even when others criticized her for being a voice for the voiceless. With the help of her husband, she rescued countless animals over the decades, even small animals with shorter life spans, so she had tremendous experience in grief and loss. She often said that, as painful as it was, she felt all the grief and loss she experienced was for the greater good, as it enabled her to help many others. Sadly, she is now facing the biggest type of loss a human being can fathom: the loss of a soul mate, a best friend, a life partner, a perfect match. She has truly lost her other half, and we fully respect and understand that she wasn’t ready to talk to anyone about it until now. In fact, she still isn’t ready, but circumstances beyond her control have forced her to tell us the story in response to an inaccurate attack against HealthForce, the company that she and her life partner worked hard and sacrificed so much to build from the ground up, literally starting out homeless and putting everything into a business and a cause they believed in, originally hand writing, Xeroxing, and stapling catalogs themselves before they could afford a computer, and selling products out of the trunk of the beat-up car they lived in. They chose to do it the hard way and never to “sell out” and do it the easy way, because they wanted to do things the right way.

The Sheridans spearheaded research and supported causes too numerous to mention here, and their great work goes on in many ways that most people don’t even realize traces back to them and their hard work behind the scenes, never stopping to enjoy life enough, or even get enough sleep, because they were always driven to do good and to help others and to make up for all those who aren’t doing enough. The world has truly lost a high vibration Power Couple and has been left with a single broken soul still picking up the pieces. Under the circumstances, out of respect we ask that this information be treated with the sensitivity in which it is being presented to you. This is not a piece of gossip to slander over the internet. This is the story of a truly unique soul who went above and beyond to make a positive difference in the world, often at his own expense, and it is also the tragic love story of real life people with real emotions and real hearts that break when dealt such a shocking blow. Jameth’s wife has been dealt that blow, and in time she will heal and be better equipped to share the full version of this story and help the world in a much larger way. For now, we all need to allow her privacy and space to grieve.

HealthForce, too, is now grieving the loss of this incredible man who did so much for the world. His love for humanity, the Earth, and all beings – and his unstoppable passion to help others – fueled all of the exhausting work he did on this planet. Jameth was a pioneer and a visionary leader. In time his controversial theories will meet acceptance at large, as is often the case with those who effect positive change in the world. We believe he will now be able to see this eventual acceptance from a higher vantage point. He was a powerful warrior and a compassionate loving soul. He dedicated his life to helping others heal, rescuing animals, and honoring Mother Earth. Jameth touched many people’s lives with his mission, one that he executed with great passion, generosity, and love for the world and everyone in it. His spirit will live on forever through his legacy, which HealthForce continues to carry forward. To honor Jameth’s life, we intend to expand our product offerings over the coming years to encompass more of the essential tools that we all need to thrive in the modern world. Quality nutrition is an excellent foundation, but in addition to that, there are other important aspects of health, which we intend to illuminate and support in his honor. We sincerely thank you all for your prayers in this time of transition.  In particular, please send love and light to his grieving wife and soul mate, Kim Sheridan. May Dr. Jameth Sheridan rest in peace, as his legacy is carried forward. Knowing Jameth, he’s likely very busy in Heaven now, making a positive difference there, too.

Statement from Kim Sheridan