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Falling leaves, chilly winds, and shorter days have us less inspired to whip up our favorite mineral-rich, tried-and-true green smoothie recipes as we find ourselves craving something grounding, warming, and a bit different. We are so excited to present our newest formulations, Cacao Alchemy™ and Turmeric Alchemy™. This last year we’ve been taking our ongoing, ever-deepening love of adaptogens and pairing them with our appreciation of powerhouse superfoods, cacao and turmeric. We have enjoyed the process of combining different herbs, synergistic whole foods, and delicious spices, setting our intentions on product offerings that are not only tasty but products that are in alignment with HealthForce SuperFoods® mission to help people thrive in the modern world!

Cacao Alchemy combines organic raw Ecuadorian Ariiba Criollo heirloom cacao powder (chocolate in its purest form) with sweet-spicy cinnamon and just a hint of heat from hot chili pepper.  Cacao Alchemy’s unique formula features nutrient-dense superfoods: carob, lucuma, and mesquite pod. These foods act as natural whole food, low-glycemic sweeteners to help balance out the beneficial bitter element of the antioxidant-rich cacao. Known as the “food of the gods” by the ancient Mayan culture, cacao was thought to be a sacred and medicinal food.

Adding Cacao Alchemy to coffee, tea, or yerba maté in the morning is a wonderful way to greet the day. A wonderful, grown-up version of hot chocolate when heated with warm coconut or almond milk and your preferred sweetener of choice. SO good!

Turmeric Alchemy fuses the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of golden milk with our favorite adaptogens, resulting in a unique and powerful superfood tonic. Turmeric root, known throughout the world for its curcumin content and antioxidant properties, is synergistically enhanced with warming herbal activators: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper to help maximize the turmeric’s bioavailability.

Whisk together Turmeric Alchemy; coconut, hemp or almond milk, and a sweetener of your choice. Try maple syrup or date sugar.  Heat until hot to the touch but not boiling. Creamy, comforting, warming, slightly spicy, a perfect way to start the day or a great afternoon pick-me-up!

Both Turmeric Alchemy and Cacao Alchemy feature our custom adaptogenic tonic blend which contains both whole roots (ashwagandha, shatavari, and astragalus) and pure extracts (schisandra, reishi, cordyceps, and chaga). Adaptogens help boost the body’s innate ability to cope with stress and fatigue, thus promoting general vitality and well-being. Adaptogens are extremely beneficial allies for maintaining a healthy body and mind in today’s fast-paced world.

Product Update: Earth Version 5 Coming Soon! 

We will soon be offering a new version of Vitamineral Earth™ that will feature soy-free chickpea miso! This one-of-a kind superfood complex features nutrient-dense roots, barks, herbs, mushroom extracts, and seeds. AND it will now be soy free! A unique formula that offers deep nourishment and adaptogenic immune support. We enjoy drinking Earth warm, adding  to teas, soups, and broths. This has become a HealthForce team staple through the chilly months. Stay tuned for more details!