HealthForce SuperFoods® Ambassadors

Lauren Nastasi

Lauren Nastasi has been a vegan since 2007. She became vegan after being diagnosed with IBD, she now lives a pain-free healthy life. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters who are also vegan. Lauren shares her vegan family life on her blog, and Instagram @LaurenGinger.

Brysen French

Hi HealthForce fans!

I’d like to start by saying what a great honor it is to represent the best Superfood brand on the market. I’m Brysen French, a health warrior on a journey to become the strongest and healthiest version I can be. I have been involved with full contact sports (football, wrestling, MMA, Jiu Jitsu ) my whole life and with that territory come injuries and wear and tear. I have explored many diet lifestyles and find that reducing animal products and increasing plant sourced nutrition to be far superior for the maintenance and longevity of the mind and body.
See what Nature can do for you!

International Jiu jitsu competitor
Division 1 wrestler
Personal Trainer
Certified Yoga Instructor

Jade Stefani

“Five years ago my interest was sparked for Health and Alternative Medicine. I’ve done a lot of research since then and have recently graduated from the International School of Detoxification with a certification in Regenerative Detoxification in May 2017 and Clinical Iridology in October 2017, as well as earning my Associate of Arts Degree from Daytona State College in May 2018. I am currently in the process of enrolling in a Bachelors Program for Maternal Child Health: Human Lactation. I have many interests ranging from Detoxification, Iridology, Herbology, Women’s Health, Pregnancy and Infancy and could not just decide on one! I’ve recently moved from Palm Coast, FL to Hollywood, FL for more opportunities and to network with like minded individuals. I love attending health events, seminars, spending time in nature and eating a lot of Raw Foods.”

John MacLeod

John MacLeod is a Plant-Based Chef, Raw-Food Nutritionist, Holistic Wellness Coach, recipe creator, educator, and a 200 hr. Registered Yoga Teacher, living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. John is extremely passionate about spreading the countless benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet after shedding over 100lbs when he adopted this lifestyle for himself. Graduating with his B.A in Elementary Education from Florida Gulf Coast University, John later received his Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Cornell University in 2017. John regularly travels to Bali, Costa Rica, and many other locations in the world to further his education about holistic health & wellness.

Are you a HealthForce SuperFoods® Ambassador?

Do you love HealthForce SuperFoods®? Do you find yourself wanting to share this love with the world? Do you strive to live a a life fueled by whole food nutrition, plant based diet and high vibration superfoods? Do you use the healing power of HealthForce SuperFoods® to fuel your creative works- music, art, outdoor adventures, parenting, sports, activism? Are you inspired to share that with our HealthForce SuperFoods® Community?

Interested in participating in The HealthForce SuperFoods® ambassador program?
Here’s what you need to know!

The Program:

We offer three month activated ambassador opportunities. Each month a HealthForce SuperFoods® ambassador will receive $200 in HealthForce Superfoods® product, in exchange each ambassador will contribute one weekly “share” A share could include any of the following:
  • a tasty recipe with photos or video
  • an inspired photo with testimony to a particular product or HealthForce SuperFoods® in general.
  • a photo or video of ambassador sharing love of HealthForce SuperFoods® with people

Hype is Nothing! Substance is Everything!

If you are feeling inspired to participate, we would love to hear from you. Click HERE to get started.